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Lift Weights Like A Badass


You want to be able to throw around some serious weight?

What do you have to do to get there I hear you ask?

Well, firstly you need to realise that not ALL sports require you to have an enormous amount of strength & power

Take badminton, football, cricket, tennis as a few – if you looked at those guys & gals in the street you wouldn’t think to yourself “they spend too much time in the gym” – they look like average Joes (mostly)

So what sports/activities would prioritize strength/power?

My top three would be;

  1. Powerlifting – Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift 1RM
  2. Olympic Weight Lifting – Clean & Jerk & Snatch 1RM
  3. Strongman – Variety of exercises & reps (All quite heavy!)

Now I’m not saying that there is no other sport on Earth that needs you to be strong & powerful, but these are what i’d say to be the three which prioritize strength/power overall.

So is it just a case of training what you hear around town & one day, if you do it for long enough & eat enough food then you will eventually be strong enough to hang with the big boys or girls in the gym?

Post an impressive 1RM to your Facebook account

Or if you’re serious, take it to a competitive level

Sadly, once again it seems I am the voice of reason – no

I can totally guarantee, 1000% that unless you were born with the god given talent to lift heavy weight then you will not become & stay strong by accident. That’s why hardly anyone does it!

So if it’s not that easy Brandon – what do I do?

Well here is a brief list of what qualities & attributes I would recommend you to have to start off with…


  • Confidence
  • Dedication
  • Focus
  • Patience
  • Drive
  • Be flexible in your approach


If you have these, then you have great building blocks to start with…

However if you don’t then you’ll get frustrated, bored & quite frankly waste yours & others time, money & energy

So why do we need these ‘life skills’ to build real strength?

Well If you don’t have these qualities you won’t have faith in yourself to get under the bar when it’s loaded with a new possible PB

When you fail to hit a lift then you again, won’t have the the same confidence in yourself to get back under the bar with the same amount of weight as you failed with. Trust me – if you haven’t done that before its frikkin nerve-racking.

Imagine this – you’ve tried to squat your new PB, missed it & fell with it on your back, the week/month after you’re about to do the same thing. That whole scenario is going through your head, but somehow you’ve got to pluck up the courage to go all out. Have the confidence in yourself to go all the way down with complete certainty that you WILL make it back up. If you don’t have that faith in yourself then you might as well not try. Its that simple.

You won’t make training consistently & when you do it ill be half arsed.

If you’re not a consistent person within your life outside of the gym, then for the love of god, don’t think that you’ll miraculously become consistent in the gym

If you do exercise then your physical body is a DIRECT representation of what your character traits are.

Think about it – have you ever seen a professional athlete of any kind that isn’t consistent in their training, dedicated, focused on their goals & has a great work ethic?

You have to understand that it’s about where you are 1,2,5 or 10 years in the future, not next week.

You have to have patience, so when you don’t have the results in a week you don’t get disheartened.

It’s a long road to success & you have to be mentally prepared for delayed gratification

I mean you can spend a decade of your life training multiple times a week before you make it into the major leagues of weightlifters

Also you won’t be willing to try new things that you’re not comfortable with right now

You can’t be a stiff board of a person if you want to take this as far as you possibly can.

Now I’m not saying you try ANYTHING. Have an ’empty glass’ approach to people giving you advice, tips & recommendations. You can try out what they give you & advise you & if you don’t like it scrap it.

If you like it & it works then great! you’ve found something else to add into your arsenal 😀

Plus as always make sure you get your rest…


Sleeping ag


Good nutrition & keep yourself hydrated!!



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Shaking It Up

Recently I’ve been working serious overtime.

I haven’t been hitting my training as often and consistently as I would have liked to and as a result of this I felt slow, weak and tired. Normally I train three times per week with a Chest, Shoulders & Triceps on day 1 (Mon/Tue). Back & Biceps Day 2 (Wed/Thur) & Legs on day 3 (Fri/Sat).

Looking back and reflecting on why I think my training dedication started to lag was the fact that I hadn’t changed what I was doing in about 3/4 months.

I had no variety, nothing to look forward to doing, I stopped chasing numbers and Setting goals.

I let myself get bored with my training to be honest and it resulted in me really not feeling hungry enough to get myself to the gym when I knew I should.

I haven’t trained properly in about 3 weeks now and this past week I’ve been trying a new way of doing things!

For the best part of this year I’ve stuck to this Bodybuilding style routine and I’ve seen some really good strength/muscle gains. Over the past 3 weeks however I’ve struggled to find the energy to train my body parts as a split routine. So I’ve switched to more of a power/athletic full body routine.

The Result?

I feel ALIVE again!!

My energy has come back and I’m hungry to train my ass off and get my numbers up.

I’m following a basic power based plan (lots of cleans, box jumps, sprints, squats) Then following up with some strength work (Deadlifts, presses, rows) then accessioning like a bodybuilder to keep imbalances away and muscle shape as well.

So what I want to tell you is its not only important to vary how you train (different sets/rep combinations) to stimulate your muscles in different ways to continue with progress. But also for your own sanity, enjoyment and experiences you should (in my opinion) change what you do too. Try doing an olympic weight cycle, try using Strongman equipment, incorporate different training methods into your routine and see what works and what doesn’t.

My bet that introducing something completely different into your training will force your body to adapt to it after a few weeks and the results from this (my guess) would be that your performance will improve in what you originally were doing.

Plus I find that training more of a full body routine every now and then really helps with the ball ache of having super bad muscle soreness for a few days that restricts your movement and more important, your sitting down abilities after leg day!!

So have a go at something new! (Like Atlas Stones :D)


Don’t be afraid to learn something new and step out of your comfort zone! It might actually help you with your main sport/activity.

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