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5 Step Fat Loss



Why You Haven’t Lost Weight Yet?

Here are my own personal top 5 ways that you can combat body fat starting right now!




1. Nutrition

This is the most obvious, yet most overlooked principle in my opinion, the way I see the world people are being misinformed on what the right foods are to consume on a daily basis. The way you look is 60-70% down to the foods you consume on a day-to-day basis.

The foods we eat are used as our energy source (along with oxygen) & so the way we feel will also be altered by its quality too.

In order to shed fat you should make it as easy as possible for yourself to eat healthy. You need to make small sustainable changes to your life that you will be able to stick to for the long term rather than going on & off diets.
My main advice would be to cut out as much as possible of the following;
• Chocolate
• Sweets
• Crisp
• Fizzy drinks
• Microwave meals
• White bread
• Alcohol
• Fast Foods (Burgers, pizzas & fried foods)


This is a baseline list of foods that I would keep away from as much as possible!

If you can eliminate excess calories going into your body then you’ll have a much easier time burning off fat as you won’t keep having excess fat being put back there when you eat.



2. People Don’t Drink Enough Water
We are made up of about 70% water, so you would imagine that everyone today walks around being fully hydrated, primed to be effective in every area of their lives. Well unfortunately this is the exact opposite for most people.

Everything from your digestive system to your brain function is reliant upon your hydration. Want to lose fat, have great energy, concentrate for longer & feel happier & possibly even reduce joint pain?
Drink the right amount of water!

So is it just as simple as “drink 2-3 litres of water a day?”
Again, unfortunately not but don’t panic, I have the solution at hand…
You have to drink your bodyweight in pounds, divided by 40 and this gives us the specific amount of water you should drink every day!

So here’s an example for you to make it simple
200lbs (bodyweight) Divided by 40=5 litres of water.
Why is hydration so important with fat loss?
Well the first reason it can help with hunger pains – now I’m not saying you should be starving yourself by any means but your body can sometimes mistake being thirsty for being hungry (because you’re dehydrated)



3. Being chemically balanced

Our bodies are in a very delicate balance of being slightly alkaline. If your body (through binge eating, being stressed, drinking alcohol) becomes too acidic then we start & occur problems. When your body reaches a point where it is ‘acidic’ then you literally have an acid build up in your body. This acid causes a whole bunch of health issues including joint pain, hormonal problems & has even been linked with some cancers. The best way to maintain this balance is to eat foods that are alkaline, so here is a list of the top foods you can consume:
• Cucumber
• Kale
• Spinach
• Broccoli
• Sprouts
• Kelp
• Grasses
• Cabbage
• Lettuce
• Tomatoes
• Rocket/Arugula

Finding it hard to put these foods into your daily meals? Check out this video right HERE on how to make a super healthy smoothie in minutes!

So what links this acidity with fat stores?
Well to be perfectly honest this section is more of a ‘health’ principle over anything else but saying that don’t just skip it…

You see your body fights the acid by storing it as fat as a way of protecting itself from becoming too acidic. So again, this is a way of fighting the fat proactively, rather than giving ourselves more to burn off.



4. Exercise

When we exercise we put out body in an immensely powerful state. The amount of health benefit there are from getting active are almost endless but the specific part we are looking at is shedding body fat.

If you can exercise 3 times minimum a week you kick start your metabolism every few days so you literally burn off fat while you SLEEP! Now if you’ve never done any type of exercise before don’t worry.

Take it easy to start with, build up slowly & make sure you enjoy what you do.

What type of exercise would you be doing?

It really doesn’t matter at all. It could be anything from lifting weights, taking a dance class, cardio machines or even a brisk walk. The most important thing right now is building the habits into your life that will carry you through into the future & you just do something.

If you can go for a 30 minute walk in the morning, great. A quick swim after work a few nights a week? Super! I always give the same advice to complete beginners – “something is better than nothing”. Even if all you can physically manage is one time per week, it’s still progress in my eyes!

Exercising in the morning is a great way to turn on your metabolism first thing & then you’ll have it there for the entire day. Burning your body fat as you walk, talk & work – amazing right?


5. Track your progress… Properly

No matter what you want to achieve I life this principle is golden. I mean if you don’t know where you have come from then you might never know how much fat you have actually lost.

What I recommend you do is to get a tape measure & measure your actual fat loss – not weight.

Your weight can jump around all over the place because the amount you actually weigh isn’t just based on your body fat levels. It’s mainly going to fluctuate because of the amount of food/water you have in your body & you could quite easily ‘gain’ 10lbs in a day just by being properly hydrated & by eating a few good sized meals.

Your measurements however will give you an accurate view of where you are specifically with fat loss.

So where & how to measure your progress…

Every month I want you to take the following measurements & add them all together. This number is the one number that we will track.
You want to measure:
• The tops of both arms
• The largest part of the top of your thighs, on both legs
• Your waist (just above your belly button)
• Hips (very top of your thighs/bum)
Add all of these measurements together & this is your initial starting point.
From here you can track your progress every month & see exactly how much FAT you are losing, rather than monitoring bodyweight & becoming disheartened when you don’t get the results you were hoping for.


So there you have it!


Nothing new and sparkling really, just the truth!


5 ways to ensure that you really do achieve your fat loss goals for this year.


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Brandon Patros

Get Yourself A Blender. Right Now!

So last month I got a blender, already I am in complete love with it!


It’s made my life so much easier – I can make really really high quality meals in under 5 minutes & the best part is, you can take it with you!


I’ve had breakfast in my car, while working, at a friends Football match, while shopping – it’s great!


Here are my top two favorite recipes if you haven’t seen them on Facebook!


Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!





Keep working hard guys & gals!




Alpha Male Motivation

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine (here we are a few weeks back at my sisters wedding)



asked me to take part in a small documentary based around male body image.

After him and his team coughed out this magical little piece I couldn’t help but think that it made me want to go and train!

I hope it has the same effects for all of you, some of it isn’t pretty but then again, hard work, sweat and chalk very rarely is!



I hope it made some shifts in your state and you feel empowered to go train your ass off!



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