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Finding It Hard To Lose Weight?

First we need to understand HOW most people try and loose weight

Well there are 7 steps. These 7 steps are in my opinion the best way to clearly explain why people aren’t getting the results they want within their lives, but for now I’m going to use it in an example that many people will be able to relate too – wanting to loose weight.

It can be extremely frustrating when trying to loose weight – you eat the wrong amount of bad food and then feel unhappy about your body and decide to go on a diet. The diet works for a while but after a few weeks/months you notice that you aren’t loosing it like you once were. This then can create more stress leading to more comfort eating!!

This is a very bad cycle to get caught up in and its also an easy one. You see when you go on a diet your basically restricting the amount of food that goes into your body.

Now if you go to an extreme your body realizes what you’re doing and gets really good at storing the food you eat as fat (so it has fuel to live of when you starve yourself again).

Once you then relax with the diet your body STILL stores the fat in a very efficient way – meaning you’ll put on more weight a lot faster than you imagine you would.

Well its time to break it once and for all before it becomes a never ending stair case of pain and misery… like this one :)



So here is the 7 Step Process that most people follow when aiming to loose weight

Step 1: You Feel Pain.
You let your weight so out of control that you can’t bare it any longer, you can’t fit into your clothes the same as you used too, someone says something or you look at yourself in the mirror one morning and say enough! All of which basically push you over the edge which inevitably leads you to step 2…

Step 2: You take action.

Step 3: You get results (you loose weight)
You can fit into the biggest jeans you have easier again. You notice that you’ve lost a little weight and congratulate yourself

Step 4: The pain reduces

Step 5: You loose your drive

Step 6: You stop taking action at the same level as you were

Step 7 You go right back to where you started from!

This viscous cycle can go on for literally years without people even becoming aware of what is happening. Now you have understood where you are going wrong you have to power to change what you’re doing and start getting the results you want.

These 7 steps, in my opinion explain why the vast majority of people struggle to loose weight and KEEP it off.

Come back next week to find to exactly how to do it the right way…

See you there