The Best Supplement In The World

So undoubtedly when you start your journey into the vast world of Health & Fitness there will be a time when the question of supplements arises…

What are they?

Should I even take them?

How often should I take them?

Does the price match the results I will get (the more expensive, the better the results)?

The list goes on and on.

Well first off I want to start off by saying I have used supplements in the past. Pretty much every kind of brand, purpose (weight gain, weight loss, health) & price range and the only one that I still use to this day is Cod Liver oil tablets.


Personally I feel that unless you are a professional athlete that has to maintain an extremely high calorific diet or someone with a specific dietary deficiency then extra supplemental nutrients can be consumed through ordinary food.

So what types of supplements are there?

First & most popular would be the ‘whey protein shake’.

Want to look like this?


This is a form of adding more protein into your diet by drinking a ready made shake or buying powder and mixing it in with either water or milk. It’s by-product of the cheese making process in which the whey protein is separated from the milk and then turned into (other chemicals are added) the powder/drinks you can buy.

Next we have casein protein.

Casein is the other (main) protein found in cows milk. Again by adding chemicals to this raw product we get the commercially available casein protein shake which is widely regarded as the ‘slower acting protein’.

Next we have weight loss protein shakes…

Want to look like this?


These annoy me a little here so bare with me please everyone.

Weight loss protein shakes are basically the exact same as the other two (When & Casein) but have been marketed – mainly to women – to buy these extremely overpriced bags of dried cows milk with added flavorings, preservatives and colourings and then they will miraculously  loose weight.

What they don’t say is that what you are actually doing is becoming malnourished because you’ve stopped putting in REAL FOOD and are instead eating chemicals and potions that sold and marketed to you in a very clever way so you never have the question pop up as to WHY you loose weight!!!

More on this particular topic another time – that’s enough for now I think


We also have Mass Gaining shakes & powder.

Want to look like this?



This little gem of a product concept is sold to people who struggle to put on muscle. It’s basically again, the same whey/casein protein shake but this one has extra chemically made calories – how yummy. It has been extremely well received (and profitable to the companies) by the bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strongman & Rugby/American Football world that this on thing can allow you to gain substantial amounts of weight by drinking one after every workout. HA!!

All I will say about any of these products above is you don’t NEED them. Even professional athletes can manage without them. If you a natural gym goer, who trains hard and eats 3-4 well balanced meals a day and rests enough then you will get results! You don’t need overpriced boxes of chemicals and potions to get you to achieve your goals.

For a long time I used protein shakes (quite expensive ones too) around 2-3 times a day, I stopped using them and nothing happened. I saw no difference to my physique, strength or energy levels at all. The only thing I did notice coming to think about it, was I didn’t have to take a bag of powder with me every time I went to the gym!

Saying this however I am a BIG believer that you should experience things for yourself and then you can form your own opinion. My recommendations would be;

  • Choose something with 100% whey/casein – no chemicals
  • Don’t pay any extreme – too cheap and it will be very nasty and maybe dangerous, too expensive and you might as well just eat nice tasting, expensive FOOD.
  • Avoid brands that are promising you the world – you won’t get it in a tub


Moving away from this area of supplements to a more ‘natural’ type of supplements.


Now we come to the side of supplements that I am a little more lenient on.

Food/dietary/nutritional supplements. These basically contain a specific naturally accruing chemical, enzyme, oils, vitamin or mineral that we can sometimes lack in our diet.

By taking Cod Liver Oil tablets for example I’m simply ensuring that my body has enough fatty acid. There are no false promises, no clever marketing schemes and no unknown chemicals being put into your body.

But what does happen is your body gets the important supplements it does require to maintain its complex job list on a day-to-day basis.

Things like wheat grass, Cod liver oil, digestive enzymes would be a good place to start to help with toxicity, digestive problems and joint integrity.

But still, all things that our body could ever really need can be found right here on earth. We have everything we could possibly need at most supermarkets to be honest. If you know what to look for that is.

Supplements CAN be a great way to help take out nutrition to the net level but 99% can be done through food and water alone.

So try actually having a look for yourself what the main essential vitamins and minerals are for your body and eating foods rich in what you feel would suit you.


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Shaking It Up

Recently I’ve been working serious overtime.

I haven’t been hitting my training as often and consistently as I would have liked to and as a result of this I felt slow, weak and tired. Normally I train three times per week with a Chest, Shoulders & Triceps on day 1 (Mon/Tue). Back & Biceps Day 2 (Wed/Thur) & Legs on day 3 (Fri/Sat).

Looking back and reflecting on why I think my training dedication started to lag was the fact that I hadn’t changed what I was doing in about 3/4 months.

I had no variety, nothing to look forward to doing, I stopped chasing numbers and Setting goals.

I let myself get bored with my training to be honest and it resulted in me really not feeling hungry enough to get myself to the gym when I knew I should.

I haven’t trained properly in about 3 weeks now and this past week I’ve been trying a new way of doing things!

For the best part of this year I’ve stuck to this Bodybuilding style routine and I’ve seen some really good strength/muscle gains. Over the past 3 weeks however I’ve struggled to find the energy to train my body parts as a split routine. So I’ve switched to more of a power/athletic full body routine.

The Result?

I feel ALIVE again!!

My energy has come back and I’m hungry to train my ass off and get my numbers up.

I’m following a basic power based plan (lots of cleans, box jumps, sprints, squats) Then following up with some strength work (Deadlifts, presses, rows) then accessioning like a bodybuilder to keep imbalances away and muscle shape as well.

So what I want to tell you is its not only important to vary how you train (different sets/rep combinations) to stimulate your muscles in different ways to continue with progress. But also for your own sanity, enjoyment and experiences you should (in my opinion) change what you do too. Try doing an olympic weight cycle, try using Strongman equipment, incorporate different training methods into your routine and see what works and what doesn’t.

My bet that introducing something completely different into your training will force your body to adapt to it after a few weeks and the results from this (my guess) would be that your performance will improve in what you originally were doing.

Plus I find that training more of a full body routine every now and then really helps with the ball ache of having super bad muscle soreness for a few days that restricts your movement and more important, your sitting down abilities after leg day!!

So have a go at something new! (Like Atlas Stones :D)


Don’t be afraid to learn something new and step out of your comfort zone! It might actually help you with your main sport/activity.

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Alpha Male Motivation

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine (here we are a few weeks back at my sisters wedding)



asked me to take part in a small documentary based around male body image.

After him and his team coughed out this magical little piece I couldn’t help but think that it made me want to go and train!

I hope it has the same effects for all of you, some of it isn’t pretty but then again, hard work, sweat and chalk very rarely is!



I hope it made some shifts in your state and you feel empowered to go train your ass off!



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Stubborn Fools

Whether you are a Powerlifter, Weightlifter, Strongman, Bodybuilder or Marathon runner we all have our versions of being active. That’s not to say that you are right or wrong and it’s also not to say that anyone else who has a different opinion to you as to what fit is to them, is right or wrong.

Some thing being able to put the most amount of weight on a Barbell is being the most important thing in our training, while others choose a Log. Some choose to swing on bars while others swim in lakes. It really comes down to your own personal preference and I love that. Everybody doing their own thing and getting good at it. But some people tend to see their love as the only love they will ever have.

There’s nothing wrong with doing what you’re good at and even better if you enjoy it and are a part of a community. However I think that we can all agree on one thing. That in any sport, no matter what, you will find someone who thinks that their sport/activity of choice is the best and only way it should be done.

Well you my friend are the person who most likely has either tried something once, you were quite bad at it then never returned, or even worse never tried anything else.

The sad thing is that people who sit in their own little bubble of comfort will yes probably get quite good at their chosen sport/activity but I can GUARANTEE you will see PB’s if your broaden your horizon. Whether that be in the training activities you do, nutritional habits or your approach to rest/recovery.

You see, what I’m getting at here is the people who are getting in their own way of success and are either too proud or ignorant to say “Yeah, there are somethings that I don’t know and I want to learn to improve myself”. I mean why would you do that!!

Now if you’re reading this and you are someone who does experiment with different training approaches, dabble with nutritional experimentation and change how you rest/train to see what happens then I congratulate you my friend as your are the person that makes progress and if you don’t? You try something else or have the determination to try again but a little harder, ask for advise and LISTEN!

So well done you! :)

If you are someone who doesn’t do that however, then Maybe take a look at the people who are progressing faster than yourself? The only thing that can happen is you learn something and yeah, it might not work for you this time around but who knows. In 5, 10, 20 years time you could really do with that knowledge. You could also earn something that you could pass on to them after trying it out for yourself, again further improving yourself and others around you.

So if there’s one take home message from all of that it would be this…

Try new things, ask questions and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Both for progression of your chosen activity/sport but more importantly to experience new things and to have fun along the way.

Ask questions from experienced people and get excited about the fact that you can progress in massive leaps, simply by applying a little new found knowledge into your journey.


Speak Soon






The Man, The Myth, The Legend…

Hi! This is Brandon Patros and I want to take a minute to personally thank you, for visiting my blog, so WELCOME!

I’m from Sheffield which is a City in South Yorkshire, England. I love it in Sheffield, the tap water tastes like heaven, it rains all the time and everyone calls you ‘luv’ regardless of your age, gender or context of the meeting.

I work part-time in a supermarket as a Duty Manager and have dreams and aspirations of one day having my own empire! I want a lovely big house with a few cars, maybe a pool and a dog, a big dog.

From a very young age I have been in and around the Health Fitness world. Whether it was martial arts, playing Rugby, Basketball, Gymnastics, Swimming, CrossFit, Strongman or Bodybuilding I’ve had a crack at most things.

My true passion for leading a healthy lifestyle and what really opened my eyes to the vast realm that it is, only really developed in 2012 when I first tried CrossFit.

My Martial arts instructor at the time took me because I was thinking about going into the Royal Marines and the head coach was an ex Marine so I planned on just getting an insight to it all.

That’s not what happened. After a brutal few rounds of burpee pull-ups, 400m runs and push-presses I became HOOKED!

Actually looking back at it now, that might have altered the way my life turned out, but that’s for the future…

So from then on my mind was opened to every type of training and I couldn’t stop myself from being active. I went from being a skinny little kid that couldn’t deadlift my own bodyweight – see below…

before picture (2)

To a Frikkin machine that out lifted most CrossFitters… Not saying anything more on that subject 😉

Every week I trained around 8-12 times! My schedule looked something like this:


  • CrossFit Class

  • Martial Arts (Thai boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Judo)


  • Strength Training

  • Martial Arts


  • CrossFit Class

  • Conditioning


  • Strength Training

  • Conditioning (My take on CrossFit)


  • CrossFit Class

  • Sparring (Boxing/Thai Boxing)

  • Run


  • Strength training


  • Well earned Rest day

Within 12 weeks it made me look something like this

So after I continued like this for around 6 months I started working full time rather than part time. This rather annoyingly cut my training volume down by about 60% but I still maintained my health and physique!

With my stress levels rising and my spare time diminishing I quickly became very good at training very hard for 3/4 days a week and still building muscle and keeping my body fat below 14%.

I also tried my hand at strongman (very fun if you haven’t tried it by the way) and now I would say I’m more of a bodybuilder with a heavy emphasis on structural integrity.

Here’s what that resulted in…

selfie (2)

Chunky right? 😀

I love learning how to make your body as efficient and healthy as possible while looking great naked and being a super strong bad ass!

I stayed working quite comfortably for 2 years with a change in career but I had an epiphany. I don’t want to work in a supermarket forever.

You see I used to help people get what they want for a living as a Martial Arts instructor. I helped people achieve better bodies, higher self confidence and learn to treat their bodies the way they should. I miss the feeling of helping people and so I want to invite you on a journey with me to get everything you want out of life and I truly believe that it starts with your body. Your outer body is a DIRECT reflection of your own personal standards and its something that everyone will be able to see how well you take care of it. It’s also something you can look at and feel proud of the work that has been put into it!

Without your health you have nothing, what’s the point of being a millionaire if you’re so stressed and unfit you cant spare the time or energy to enjoy the fruits of your labour?

So if you want to come by every week for fresh ideas, hints, tips and suggestions then you’ve found a down to earth piece of the internet that won’t feed you BS. I’m still learning new things and I love sharing it with people so be sure to stop by to top up your tank too!


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