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The 6 Habits Of Naturally Strong People


It’s quite a sad sight to see nowadays – people not getting the results that they work so hard for.

Millions of men & women go to the gym every single week, they’re dedicated, hardworking & they pour their hearts out for months on end. Yet all they have really gained is a pile of empty water bottles in the cupboard.

They gaze at the few who just seem to have amazing physiques, lift huge weights & seem to have the health & vitality of a monk!

Well what’s the difference in the two types of people?

What separates the few who get the results VS the many who dream of getting them?

Well over the past 13 years I have noticed a few key things that the ‘lucky, genetically gifted’ people do, that nobody else really takes action on.

To be completely honest – these probably aren’t going to be some great, new, shiny rules that have only been discovered by scientists.

They’re just ‘trick of the trade’ so to speak.

So here they are:


  1. Set A Specific Goal

This first on my list because I believe that it holds everything else together.

If you don’t know where you are going, how do you ever expect to arrive at your destination?

Would you ever dream of going to a new job on your first day & setting off driving in ay random direction & HOPING that you would arrive on time & in the correct place?

Of course you wouldn’t!

But strangely that’s exactly what a lot of people do with their physique & performance

People just aimlessly train not really towards a specific ATTAINABLE goal – its either to ‘lose weight’ or ‘bulk up’

Having a goal to work towards ensures you are on the right path & if you ever stray from it you can readjust & get cracking again. Confident that youre on the right track & moving forward.

If it’s your physique that you want to improve, then get some pictures of people you want to look like pinned up on your wall.

If its performance (whether it be strength, speed, flexibility, agility, stamina etc.) then the same applies for you.

Work out what a realistically achievable goal is for the next 6-12 months, write it down & put it somewhere that you will see it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Doing this will ensure that you have a constant focus of what you MUST DO every day in order for you to reach that goal!


  1. Don’t Ignore What Your Body Says To You

Too many times I talk to people who train when they’re either ill, tired or in pain.

This really gets my nickers in a twist!!

If you’re tired to start with how do you expect to put in the effort to train effectively? Even is by some miracle you did, your body is screaming for rest, so by pushing yourself hard you’re asking for an injury or at the very least you’re just going to push yourself deeper into exhaustion.

The same goes for being ill & ‘pushing though it’.

If your body is ill, its primary focus is to make you better, so again it needs rest.

Your body WILL NOT make any gains while you’re ill because all of its focus is to get you back to being healthy, not gaining mass on your biceps or setting a new PB on deadlifts

Next injury…

Please listen closely here.

If you’re injured then there is a problem within your body. Putting I though more stress will make the injury worse. Period.

Unless you are doing specific recovery training FROM an injury after it has been mended by medical staff or a physio then putting strain on a weakened, injured body part is just plain stupid.

You need to gain a sense of what your body is telling you & more importantly – listen.


  1. Prioritise Your Health Over Everything

This ties in with rule #2 nicely.

If you aren’t healthy then you can’t train as effectively as you would if you were in peak health

This means that every single workout you might only be getting 60% of your bodies potential output, which means 60% of the progress right?


If you aren’t in good health (meaning you’re stressed, don’t breath fully, have bad posture, injuries, bad nutrition etc.) then your body won’t be as effective at recovering from your workouts too.

This then means that you could be getting 60% from your workouts but because you aren’t recovering your body only progresses by 20-30% of your optimal

If you eat crap food, don’t stretch, your postures out of alignment which means your organs don’t function properly & you can’t breathe fully you’ve got no hope of your body even giving a small percentage of its energy to the workouts you put yourself through, never mind actually recovering muscles from the workouts

Your bodes main goal has & will always be to get you to be healthy & work optimally, if that’s not in place then kiss your gains goodbye!


  1. Find A Mentor

Finding someone that knows their stuff in your chosen field can literally shave decades off your learning curve.

This is a he advantage to you as you can take the guess work from everything & focus on the stuff that will get you the results!

I personally have 5 mentors in my life that I can get knowledge from

If you can’t get access to ANYONE (I find that hard to believe in this day & age with the internet) then I recommend reading!

Honestly – this is something that I’ve found recently but I can tell you one thing for sure, I’m NEVER going back to not reading as much as I do now!

You learn so much from books it’s untrue – plus you have the added bonus on dipping in & out of them at your leisure, no need to set appointments, travel to faraway places & pay for their time!

If reading isn’t your thing get them on audio tapes or look for videos!

Whichever way you want to do it – you need to learn more about what specifically will help you achieve your goal


  1. Be Consistent

If you can create a routine, form habits & be disciplined enough to stick to everything that you should be doing then you start & create a reinforced image of yourself that you are a person that gets sh1t done!

When you see yourself as someone that sticks to what you say you will do then you start & create momentum in your training

It will be hard at the beginning to get the process started yes, but when you start & put everything  together & the results come you will again, reinforce yourself about the whole process & move up to another level.

Even if that jump in another level is you become a little more excited about eating healthy food or to stretch then so be it.

When you have consistency in your training you almost magnify progress because you build upon last time, rather than starting from scratch a few times a year

You enjoy sticking to the plan for the week & feel good about yourself looking back on the week & saying to yourself ‘Yeah. I did work my ass of didn’t I?’

It’s a nice feeling to have!


  1. Don’t Neglect Your Insides

I want to finish off with a biggie!

But I’ll keep it short don’t worry!

The conditions of your insides determine what your outside looks like – plain & simple

People who understand this one key principle have a massive advantage right away

I’m not going to tell you to eat your greens & drink plenty of water (you should be doing that anyway)

But what I will say is that up to 60% of the way you look is determined by what you consume

Not only how you look but how you feel too!

Lacking in energy?

It’s your foods!

What I will say is that what works for everyone else, might not necessarily work for you…

You see just like on the outsides, our insides are completely unique so what foods work for your gym buddy might not be the best way for you

The amount of the foods matter too.

Play around with the amounts of meals, amount of food per meal & what foods you eat to find what works for you the best.

Do your best to avoid processed foods, sugars & saturated fats – apart from that play around.


There you have it

My top 6 principles to keep in mind as you venture further into your journey

Like I said, nothing really earth shatteringly new right?

It’s mostly common sense stuff that just gets overlooked & neglected in the pursuit of mass marketed crap!

You have a choice to make now…

Continue the way you’re going and in 6 months time, you’ll probably still have the exact same body, continuing the exact same journey, repeating over and over.

OR you can follow my advice & start making real progress within your health & fitness!

I know which one I would choose.


Speak Soon




The Man, The Myth, The Legend…

Hi! This is Brandon Patros and I want to take a minute to personally thank you, for visiting my blog, so WELCOME!

I’m from Sheffield which is a City in South Yorkshire, England. I love it in Sheffield, the tap water tastes like heaven, it rains all the time and everyone calls you ‘luv’ regardless of your age, gender or context of the meeting.

I work part-time in a supermarket as a Duty Manager and have dreams and aspirations of one day having my own empire! I want a lovely big house with a few cars, maybe a pool and a dog, a big dog.

From a very young age I have been in and around the Health Fitness world. Whether it was martial arts, playing Rugby, Basketball, Gymnastics, Swimming, CrossFit, Strongman or Bodybuilding I’ve had a crack at most things.

My true passion for leading a healthy lifestyle and what really opened my eyes to the vast realm that it is, only really developed in 2012 when I first tried CrossFit.

My Martial arts instructor at the time took me because I was thinking about going into the Royal Marines and the head coach was an ex Marine so I planned on just getting an insight to it all.

That’s not what happened. After a brutal few rounds of burpee pull-ups, 400m runs and push-presses I became HOOKED!

Actually looking back at it now, that might have altered the way my life turned out, but that’s for the future…

So from then on my mind was opened to every type of training and I couldn’t stop myself from being active. I went from being a skinny little kid that couldn’t deadlift my own bodyweight – see below…

before picture (2)

To a Frikkin machine that out lifted most CrossFitters… Not saying anything more on that subject 😉

Every week I trained around 8-12 times! My schedule looked something like this:


  • CrossFit Class

  • Martial Arts (Thai boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Judo)


  • Strength Training

  • Martial Arts


  • CrossFit Class

  • Conditioning


  • Strength Training

  • Conditioning (My take on CrossFit)


  • CrossFit Class

  • Sparring (Boxing/Thai Boxing)

  • Run


  • Strength training


  • Well earned Rest day

Within 12 weeks it made me look something like this

So after I continued like this for around 6 months I started working full time rather than part time. This rather annoyingly cut my training volume down by about 60% but I still maintained my health and physique!

With my stress levels rising and my spare time diminishing I quickly became very good at training very hard for 3/4 days a week and still building muscle and keeping my body fat below 14%.

I also tried my hand at strongman (very fun if you haven’t tried it by the way) and now I would say I’m more of a bodybuilder with a heavy emphasis on structural integrity.

Here’s what that resulted in…

selfie (2)

Chunky right? 😀

I love learning how to make your body as efficient and healthy as possible while looking great naked and being a super strong bad ass!

I stayed working quite comfortably for 2 years with a change in career but I had an epiphany. I don’t want to work in a supermarket forever.

You see I used to help people get what they want for a living as a Martial Arts instructor. I helped people achieve better bodies, higher self confidence and learn to treat their bodies the way they should. I miss the feeling of helping people and so I want to invite you on a journey with me to get everything you want out of life and I truly believe that it starts with your body. Your outer body is a DIRECT reflection of your own personal standards and its something that everyone will be able to see how well you take care of it. It’s also something you can look at and feel proud of the work that has been put into it!

Without your health you have nothing, what’s the point of being a millionaire if you’re so stressed and unfit you cant spare the time or energy to enjoy the fruits of your labour?

So if you want to come by every week for fresh ideas, hints, tips and suggestions then you’ve found a down to earth piece of the internet that won’t feed you BS. I’m still learning new things and I love sharing it with people so be sure to stop by to top up your tank too!