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5 Step Fat Loss



Why You Haven’t Lost Weight Yet?

Here are my own personal top 5 ways that you can combat body fat starting right now!




1. Nutrition

This is the most obvious, yet most overlooked principle in my opinion, the way I see the world people are being misinformed on what the right foods are to consume on a daily basis. The way you look is 60-70% down to the foods you consume on a day-to-day basis.

The foods we eat are used as our energy source (along with oxygen) & so the way we feel will also be altered by its quality too.

In order to shed fat you should make it as easy as possible for yourself to eat healthy. You need to make small sustainable changes to your life that you will be able to stick to for the long term rather than going on & off diets.
My main advice would be to cut out as much as possible of the following;
• Chocolate
• Sweets
• Crisp
• Fizzy drinks
• Microwave meals
• White bread
• Alcohol
• Fast Foods (Burgers, pizzas & fried foods)


This is a baseline list of foods that I would keep away from as much as possible!

If you can eliminate excess calories going into your body then you’ll have a much easier time burning off fat as you won’t keep having excess fat being put back there when you eat.



2. People Don’t Drink Enough Water
We are made up of about 70% water, so you would imagine that everyone today walks around being fully hydrated, primed to be effective in every area of their lives. Well unfortunately this is the exact opposite for most people.

Everything from your digestive system to your brain function is reliant upon your hydration. Want to lose fat, have great energy, concentrate for longer & feel happier & possibly even reduce joint pain?
Drink the right amount of water!

So is it just as simple as “drink 2-3 litres of water a day?”
Again, unfortunately not but don’t panic, I have the solution at hand…
You have to drink your bodyweight in pounds, divided by 40 and this gives us the specific amount of water you should drink every day!

So here’s an example for you to make it simple
200lbs (bodyweight) Divided by 40=5 litres of water.
Why is hydration so important with fat loss?
Well the first reason it can help with hunger pains – now I’m not saying you should be starving yourself by any means but your body can sometimes mistake being thirsty for being hungry (because you’re dehydrated)



3. Being chemically balanced

Our bodies are in a very delicate balance of being slightly alkaline. If your body (through binge eating, being stressed, drinking alcohol) becomes too acidic then we start & occur problems. When your body reaches a point where it is ‘acidic’ then you literally have an acid build up in your body. This acid causes a whole bunch of health issues including joint pain, hormonal problems & has even been linked with some cancers. The best way to maintain this balance is to eat foods that are alkaline, so here is a list of the top foods you can consume:
• Cucumber
• Kale
• Spinach
• Broccoli
• Sprouts
• Kelp
• Grasses
• Cabbage
• Lettuce
• Tomatoes
• Rocket/Arugula

Finding it hard to put these foods into your daily meals? Check out this video right HERE on how to make a super healthy smoothie in minutes!

So what links this acidity with fat stores?
Well to be perfectly honest this section is more of a ‘health’ principle over anything else but saying that don’t just skip it…

You see your body fights the acid by storing it as fat as a way of protecting itself from becoming too acidic. So again, this is a way of fighting the fat proactively, rather than giving ourselves more to burn off.



4. Exercise

When we exercise we put out body in an immensely powerful state. The amount of health benefit there are from getting active are almost endless but the specific part we are looking at is shedding body fat.

If you can exercise 3 times minimum a week you kick start your metabolism every few days so you literally burn off fat while you SLEEP! Now if you’ve never done any type of exercise before don’t worry.

Take it easy to start with, build up slowly & make sure you enjoy what you do.

What type of exercise would you be doing?

It really doesn’t matter at all. It could be anything from lifting weights, taking a dance class, cardio machines or even a brisk walk. The most important thing right now is building the habits into your life that will carry you through into the future & you just do something.

If you can go for a 30 minute walk in the morning, great. A quick swim after work a few nights a week? Super! I always give the same advice to complete beginners – “something is better than nothing”. Even if all you can physically manage is one time per week, it’s still progress in my eyes!

Exercising in the morning is a great way to turn on your metabolism first thing & then you’ll have it there for the entire day. Burning your body fat as you walk, talk & work – amazing right?


5. Track your progress… Properly

No matter what you want to achieve I life this principle is golden. I mean if you don’t know where you have come from then you might never know how much fat you have actually lost.

What I recommend you do is to get a tape measure & measure your actual fat loss – not weight.

Your weight can jump around all over the place because the amount you actually weigh isn’t just based on your body fat levels. It’s mainly going to fluctuate because of the amount of food/water you have in your body & you could quite easily ‘gain’ 10lbs in a day just by being properly hydrated & by eating a few good sized meals.

Your measurements however will give you an accurate view of where you are specifically with fat loss.

So where & how to measure your progress…

Every month I want you to take the following measurements & add them all together. This number is the one number that we will track.
You want to measure:
• The tops of both arms
• The largest part of the top of your thighs, on both legs
• Your waist (just above your belly button)
• Hips (very top of your thighs/bum)
Add all of these measurements together & this is your initial starting point.
From here you can track your progress every month & see exactly how much FAT you are losing, rather than monitoring bodyweight & becoming disheartened when you don’t get the results you were hoping for.


So there you have it!


Nothing new and sparkling really, just the truth!


5 ways to ensure that you really do achieve your fat loss goals for this year.


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Brandon Patros

Get Yourself A Blender. Right Now!

So last month I got a blender, already I am in complete love with it!


It’s made my life so much easier – I can make really really high quality meals in under 5 minutes & the best part is, you can take it with you!


I’ve had breakfast in my car, while working, at a friends Football match, while shopping – it’s great!


Here are my top two favorite recipes if you haven’t seen them on Facebook!


Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!





Keep working hard guys & gals!




The Secret To Weight Loss

So as we all know being overweight is a problem for your health.

As to the extent of problems -well that’s down to how overweight you are how long you have been in that position.

Type 2 Diabetes, Stroke, Heart attacks, Kidney problems, Liver Problems, Bad Breath, Sore joints to name some of the more commonly know health issues.

So I’m sure that if you have tried to loose weight – you’ve tried at least one or two ways of doing so?

And if you’ve had success and kept it off then congratulations!!! I applaud you!

However, If you are someone who struggles to shift those extra pounds on a consistent basis then you have finally found a solid answer you can rely on…

Step 1 – Get Disturbed. Make it worse that it is if you need to – you need it to get to a place where it will get you to the point you need to do something about it! Take a blood test to see what your body looks like on the inside, try on a pair of jeans that used to fit, look at yourself in the mirror naked and tell yourself how you really feel.

Pain is your friend if you don’t just live there, if you use it as a signal that something is wrong and something needs to change then it an become your friend.

Otherwise you can get around people who have what you want – where people are REALLY fit & healthy. This alone – being around people who have what you want will be a natural way of pulling yourself toward that as it has become the norm of the people you spend your time with.

Step 2 – While feeling this disturbance, you make a real decision. That decision requires what you want, not the game plan – here’s the difference…

What you want is to loose 20lbs, have your energy increased, have healthier skin and to fit into that pair of jeans from a few years ago.

Not run 15 miles and fall over as a pile of hot, cramped & sweaty mess!

Focus on what you want, why you want it and what you can do about it.

If you cant run, swim, walk, try an exercise class, do something at home, dance furiously in the living room with music! Whatever it takes!!

Step 3 – Create a real plan. The clearer a goal is the easier it is to accomplish it.

If i said to you “throw this pen (I handed you a pen) Over there”

And I pointed to a large office space

What are the chances you would hit the specific thing I wanted?

0-none, that’s how much!

Now If I said you “aim for that specific bin right there” & I walked up to it and touched it, you would know exactly where to aim for right?

Weight loss is the same, “loosing weight” is a really bad goal, “20lbs in 6 months” is great!

Step 4 – Don’t start doubting yourself. Along the way there will be some hard times, some days you wont want to eat right & exercise but it’s on those days where the real work begins!

You, like me have probably had time in your life where you have done something that before you set out, thought it would be impossible then did it!

Keeping that goal in mind as much as possible throughout the day will be a fantastic way of ensuring you thing “how can I” when problems arise.

Step 5 – Set yourself up to win. Have your running shoes by the bed, clear out the rubbish food from the cupboards and don’t arrange those huge nights out.

Am I saying you can’t have fun?

No – I’m not a complete Health & Fitness Freak

I occasionally enjoy eating really unhealthy, tasty food, but I also train my ass off!


The real secret is to have to have a balance that is tilted towards your goals so you can do it for a very long period of time without going mad or seeing no results.

Step 6 – TAKE ACTION. Nothing will happen if the only thing you do is read this blog entry and go back to doing what you always do.

In a years time you will be worse than were you were now and probably more frustrated as a rsult of loosing weight and putting it back on again Read here for more on that here.


Step 6 – Reward yourself when you hit you’ve goal and set another! As humans we thrive of working towards a goal. If we accomplish that goal we should have a reward!

That reward can be anything you like but make sure its something that really cement is that hard work pays off.

Once you’ve celebrated set another goal, maybe something not quite so adventurous this time – how about to maintain current body fat/dress size for 6 months?

Whatever take your fancy :)

The main thing is that as we move towards the ‘ideal’ – whatever that is for you – we keep our bodies in a state that allows us to be energetic, happy & driven to get what w want & a healthy body that isn’t being weighed down by unnecessary body fat is in my opinion the worlds #1 problem that can be fixed by ourselves.

So set a goal & smash it!



Speak soon




The Best Supplement In The World

So undoubtedly when you start your journey into the vast world of Health & Fitness there will be a time when the question of supplements arises…

What are they?

Should I even take them?

How often should I take them?

Does the price match the results I will get (the more expensive, the better the results)?

The list goes on and on.

Well first off I want to start off by saying I have used supplements in the past. Pretty much every kind of brand, purpose (weight gain, weight loss, health) & price range and the only one that I still use to this day is Cod Liver oil tablets.


Personally I feel that unless you are a professional athlete that has to maintain an extremely high calorific diet or someone with a specific dietary deficiency then extra supplemental nutrients can be consumed through ordinary food.

So what types of supplements are there?

First & most popular would be the ‘whey protein shake’.

Want to look like this?


This is a form of adding more protein into your diet by drinking a ready made shake or buying powder and mixing it in with either water or milk. It’s by-product of the cheese making process in which the whey protein is separated from the milk and then turned into (other chemicals are added) the powder/drinks you can buy.

Next we have casein protein.

Casein is the other (main) protein found in cows milk. Again by adding chemicals to this raw product we get the commercially available casein protein shake which is widely regarded as the ‘slower acting protein’.

Next we have weight loss protein shakes…

Want to look like this?


These annoy me a little here so bare with me please everyone.

Weight loss protein shakes are basically the exact same as the other two (When & Casein) but have been marketed – mainly to women – to buy these extremely overpriced bags of dried cows milk with added flavorings, preservatives and colourings and then they will miraculously  loose weight.

What they don’t say is that what you are actually doing is becoming malnourished because you’ve stopped putting in REAL FOOD and are instead eating chemicals and potions that sold and marketed to you in a very clever way so you never have the question pop up as to WHY you loose weight!!!

More on this particular topic another time – that’s enough for now I think


We also have Mass Gaining shakes & powder.

Want to look like this?



This little gem of a product concept is sold to people who struggle to put on muscle. It’s basically again, the same whey/casein protein shake but this one has extra chemically made calories – how yummy. It has been extremely well received (and profitable to the companies) by the bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strongman & Rugby/American Football world that this on thing can allow you to gain substantial amounts of weight by drinking one after every workout. HA!!

All I will say about any of these products above is you don’t NEED them. Even professional athletes can manage without them. If you a natural gym goer, who trains hard and eats 3-4 well balanced meals a day and rests enough then you will get results! You don’t need overpriced boxes of chemicals and potions to get you to achieve your goals.

For a long time I used protein shakes (quite expensive ones too) around 2-3 times a day, I stopped using them and nothing happened. I saw no difference to my physique, strength or energy levels at all. The only thing I did notice coming to think about it, was I didn’t have to take a bag of powder with me every time I went to the gym!

Saying this however I am a BIG believer that you should experience things for yourself and then you can form your own opinion. My recommendations would be;

  • Choose something with 100% whey/casein – no chemicals
  • Don’t pay any extreme – too cheap and it will be very nasty and maybe dangerous, too expensive and you might as well just eat nice tasting, expensive FOOD.
  • Avoid brands that are promising you the world – you won’t get it in a tub


Moving away from this area of supplements to a more ‘natural’ type of supplements.


Now we come to the side of supplements that I am a little more lenient on.

Food/dietary/nutritional supplements. These basically contain a specific naturally accruing chemical, enzyme, oils, vitamin or mineral that we can sometimes lack in our diet.

By taking Cod Liver Oil tablets for example I’m simply ensuring that my body has enough fatty acid. There are no false promises, no clever marketing schemes and no unknown chemicals being put into your body.

But what does happen is your body gets the important supplements it does require to maintain its complex job list on a day-to-day basis.

Things like wheat grass, Cod liver oil, digestive enzymes would be a good place to start to help with toxicity, digestive problems and joint integrity.

But still, all things that our body could ever really need can be found right here on earth. We have everything we could possibly need at most supermarkets to be honest. If you know what to look for that is.

Supplements CAN be a great way to help take out nutrition to the net level but 99% can be done through food and water alone.

So try actually having a look for yourself what the main essential vitamins and minerals are for your body and eating foods rich in what you feel would suit you.


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