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Feel Tired All The Time?

Energy – it’s what powers you, me & the universe.

It’s never ending &Β yet a lot of us struggle to scrape enough of it together to get out of bed in a morning without feeling lousy all day & needing to reach for a coffee or a sugary energy drink.

Lets get back to basics here – carbs are out main source of energy.

The more we eat, the more energy we have.


Sugar however is a toxic substance that rots your body & gives you a whole heap of nasty problems that you really don’t need to be dealing with while trying to build a strong body or gain athletic performance


So, just to be clear carbs = energy

However what type of carbohydrates you’re eating will have an impact on your energy levels

Trust me, sugary cereals, white bread & pasta will not cut it!

If you’re serious about working out hard to get real results then your nutrition has to be on point too!

You should be eating lots of fruit, vegetables, beans & rice – that stuff will keep you full & give you the energy you need to fight through your workout


You also need to consider how hydrated you are

No water in the system that is made up of 70% water? You’re asking for a really awful time there!


Then there’s the amount of sleep you’re getting…

4-5 hours a night?

Say hello to lack of concentration & feeling lousy


What are you focused on throughout the day?

If you’re quite a relaxed, enthusiastic, motivated person then you will probably be focused on the positives of life & thus miraculously have ore energy throughout the day

If you’re a grumpy, mardy, angry type person then a lot of your energy that you have for the day will be taken up your your stresses of the day 7 your negative thoughts circulating your head


Lastly I want to cover exercise…

Try exercising first thing in the morning if you can.

You see when you exercise in the morning not only does it turn on your metabolism on, you also have hormones released into your body which actually make you feel better.

Think of it like your natural way of becoming fitter, healthier & happier… & it can even be free if you want – just go for a brisk walk or a jog πŸ˜€


Or… you could jump off aΒ crane … that $h1T will wake you up!

(Yes it’s me) πŸ˜€




Yes, it was as insane as it looks & if you haven’t tried it, please do!

So go & make yourself into the nuclear power plant that I know you can be!

A few changes here & there done for a month, will end up giving you a huge change as you form it into a habit


Speak soon





I’m Getting Back Into Rugby!

So what’s new this week?

Well last night I went to play rugby for the first time in around 4 years!

Why is that relevant? Well I want to talk about something abut my instructor used to talk about way back int (Yorkshire for in the) day.

He used to say “go back to being a white belt”

Now the main reason he said this was to get the instructors underneath him to put themselves in a position where they understand what its like to start something new.

To go to being a beiginner & not know how to do everything because they’ve done it a thousand million times with their eyes closed – going back to a white belt

So yeah – last night I want up to a local Rugby team & to be honest I was crapping myself.

I mean I haven’t played since 2011 I think & then it was for my schools team.

Now in comparison to the school league I wasn’t THAT bad to be honest – I even got an award.



But the level of players I saw last night both scared me & made me excited.

I can’t wait to play my first game with them, train with them – get around people who are hungry for progress in the weight room & build their performance.

Having more coaches to help me evolve & who can help me learn even more!

Plus on top of that it will be a great challenge to move away from barbells, chalk & walls for a while during the week.

It will be more, rain, cold being flattened by 20 stone monsters – ‘character building’ I think its called…

But in terms of complete fitness I do think it’s important to a sport/activity of some sort that you can

  1. Have something to push you a little further in your training
  2. Be around like minded people who will push you in all areas of your life
  3. Force you to train you weaknesses
  4. Have coaches to help guide you

So why am I getting back into rugby after all this time?

Well I’m good at strength, power, bodybuilding & throwing people around

However having quick feet, being agile & speed is my down fall & a sure way to increase that is to have a team of people relying on you to improve.

You see when there’s more than you involved there’s another reason to push through the pain in pursuit of the goal in mind – that sounded sweet!

Plus a monster screaming at you & wanting to crush you into the floor in order to get his hands on the ball will be a good little motivating thought πŸ˜€

So in all seriousness why don’t you try taking up something new?

Whether it be to become a white belt in order for you to find it easier to help others,

Push yourself out of your comfort zone & be forced to work on your weaknesses

Or just for a change in scenery – something to get you outside or around new people!

It could truly be anything too, I’m going to start doing ballet lessons early next year to work on my flexibility & leg strength.

Yes – there will be pictures – don’t worry πŸ˜‰

But the most important thing is to have fun with it & experience new things!

Speak Soon


The Man, The Myth, The Legend…

Hi! This is Brandon Patros and I want to take a minute to personally thank you, for visiting my blog, so WELCOME!

I’m from Sheffield which is a City in South Yorkshire, England. I love it in Sheffield, the tap water tastes like heaven, it rains all the time and everyone calls you ‘luv’ regardless of your age, gender or context of the meeting.

I work part-time in a supermarket as a Duty Manager and have dreams and aspirations of one day having my own empire! I want a lovely big house with a few cars, maybe a pool and a dog, a big dog.

From a very young age I have been in and around the Health Fitness world. Whether it was martial arts, playing Rugby, Basketball, Gymnastics, Swimming, CrossFit, Strongman or Bodybuilding I’ve had a crack at most things.

My true passion for leading a healthy lifestyle and what really opened my eyes to the vast realm that it is, only really developed in 2012 when I first tried CrossFit.

My Martial arts instructor at the time took me because I was thinking about going into the Royal Marines and the head coach was an ex Marine so I planned on just getting an insight to it all.

That’s not what happened. After a brutal few rounds of burpee pull-ups, 400m runs and push-presses I became HOOKED!

Actually looking back at it now, that might have altered the way my life turned out, but that’s for the future…

So from then on my mind was opened to every type of training and I couldn’t stop myself from being active. I went from being a skinny little kid that couldn’t deadlift my own bodyweight – see below…

before picture (2)

To a Frikkin machine that out lifted most CrossFitters… Not saying anything more on that subject πŸ˜‰

Every week I trained around 8-12 times! My schedule looked something like this:


  • CrossFit Class

  • Martial Arts (Thai boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Judo)


  • Strength Training

  • Martial Arts


  • CrossFit Class

  • Conditioning


  • Strength Training

  • Conditioning (My take on CrossFit)


  • CrossFit Class

  • Sparring (Boxing/Thai Boxing)

  • Run


  • Strength training


  • Well earned Rest day

Within 12 weeks it made me look something like this

So after I continued like this for around 6 months I started working full time rather than part time. This rather annoyingly cut my training volume down by about 60% but I still maintained my health and physique!

With my stress levels rising and my spare time diminishing I quickly became very good at training very hard for 3/4 days a week and still building muscle and keeping my body fat below 14%.

I also tried my hand at strongman (very fun if you haven’t tried it by the way) and now I would say I’m more of a bodybuilder with a heavy emphasis on structural integrity.

Here’s what that resulted in…

selfie (2)

Chunky right? πŸ˜€

I love learning how to make your body as efficient and healthy as possible while looking great naked and being a super strong bad ass!

I stayed working quite comfortably for 2 years with a change in career but I had an epiphany. I don’t want to work in a supermarket forever.

You see I used to help people get what they want for a living as a Martial Arts instructor. I helped people achieve better bodies, higher self confidence and learn to treat their bodies the way they should. I miss the feeling of helping people and so I want to invite you on a journey with me to get everything you want out of life and I truly believe that it starts with your body. Your outer body is a DIRECT reflection of your own personal standards and its something that everyone will be able to see how well you take care of it. It’s also something you can look at and feel proud of the work that has been put into it!

Without your health you have nothing, what’s the point of being a millionaire if you’re so stressed and unfit you cant spare the time or energy to enjoy the fruits of your labour?

So if you want to come by every week for fresh ideas, hints, tips and suggestions then you’ve found a down to earth piece of the internet that won’t feed you BS. I’m still learning new things and I love sharing it with people so be sure to stop by to top up your tank too!