So who is Brandon Patros?

Well like many of you I’m a regular person looking to improve the way I look and perform.

I have 12 years experience withing the Health and Fitness world and love passing on information, tips and ideas.

I’ve trained in CrossFit, Strongman, Gymnastics, Martial Arts (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Thai boxing, Wrestling, Judo). I’ve played rugby & basketball plus being an avid bodybuilder/strength trainee.

I also love learning about new concepts, training methods and ways to improve my mind. So if you think of anything you think I will enjoy – hit me up on Facebook here, Or tweet me. In case you cant find me here is a picture…


Along my journey I will be documenting and sharing what I come across. I want to share as much of my experiences as possible in a hope that you can progress faster than most!

You see the world thinks (through mass marketed crap and the media) that to become healthy and fit you need some really over complicated workout plan and diet. Well a part of that is true to an extent, as we are all biochemically and physiologically unique. What works for me probably will work for you, but not to the exact same extent.

This is where using my experience and combining it with your own, then using a form of ‘trial and error’ if you will, may be of great use to you as you can use what works for you and leave the rest.

Now you can start and forge your own path through this maze of barbells, foam rollers, heavy breathing, stretching, cricket balls, calluses, aching muscles and chalk with the confidence that you’re not by yourself. (All of those things will be covered in separate blog posts if you’re confused :))

Questions will come up and now you have a place to get them answered!


Here to help as always…



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